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Solar Light Tower

About Solar Light Towers

King Solarman, a Google certified manufacturer, is dedicated in designing and manufacturing high quality Solar Light Tower with latest technology in battery, LED, power supply, solar panel, and trailer. Solar Light Tower can ideally be used in Construction Site, Party Events, Parking Lot, Mining and any other event which requires lighting at night, it lasts 10-30 hours.

Solar Light Tower has 32,000 lumens, with 4 units of 80 Watt LED , can fit into the Pick Up Truck, which can be portable, carried and towed to any location at 65 miles per hour on the road, and the Mast is extendible up to 30 feet by a mechanical hank crank so that it can efficient. These Highly Efficient Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Module has 19.5% Module Efficiency, comparing normal 15-16% efficiency solar module.